25 and Counting

pictured: inaccurate portrayal of cavaliers skill

The Cleveland Cavaliers have lost 25 games in a row, that’s a record. They beat the previous record holder……….wait for it……….. THE CLEVELAND CAVALIERS wow who would have thought. 24 losses and they did it two count’um two consecutive seasons, 81′-82 and 82′-83′. I look at it like… if you can’t be good at winning then you might as well be really good at losing. I think my Jewish Youth Basketball team can beat these hacks now. We scored 11 points that season, the most baskets that rec. center has ever seen. The Cav’s game play is so bad that I start to consider watching the WNBA and in doing that I would shoot myself. So thank you cavs you killed me. I watched the WNBA and died. The league needs to step in here and let Air Bud join the team or something so they have a fighting chance. According to the movie there is nothing in the rule book about a dog playing on the team. *cheering* In this day and age I think the teams should have to be at least somewhat close in talent. To allow fans to have the best experience when watching or attending a game. Teams like this shouldn’t be allowed to finish out the season. For the rest of their games they should just give the other team the win and call it a day.

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