VoLTE? is that megatrons little cousin?

Verizon ran its first call tests on the voice over LTE network, now labeled VoLTE(genius no? Somehow ultra speed, even tho it’s frequency not volts that make speed). They were all crystal clear and then the team held hands with the Verizon guy singing “can you hear me now” in tune to some pop song. The tests ran good and they expect it to be fully functional bylate 2012, just in time for the Mayans to need a new calendar. Don’t you fret fellow LTE worshipers, the 4g phones coming out later this year will still run DATA across the LTE network, picking up phone calls will be added once testing is thru. Translation: you’ll still get pr0n at lightning fast speeds, you’ll just have to wait for the sex hotlines you call to be covered under VoLTE.


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