Ice fishing bite alarm – for the REALLY lazy simple redneck.

The perfect solution for us ULTRA LAZY ice-fishing rednecks who are too preoccupied “gettin’er done” to sit around and wait for a bite.  Instead, we can go back to the warm of the old 1976 dodge pickup with the busted rear window and heat that doesn’t work anymore to sing along with Hank Sr; or go light some farts on fire; or even take the truck out for some donuts on the ice for a while! This alarm will shoot a rocket into the air when it’s time to actually start fishing, cuz as we all know the only two things that catch a rednecks attention are fast blurry things (Nascar) and boars (wife)….im not really sure where this one fits in, as im sure at least one of them would try to fuck it. That aside Holy shitballs, this thing is neat!  I mean look at the thing, it’s a BEAST!  It’s huge, and painted Craftsman Red!  I bet if we hooked it up to a potato gun, we could make the fish shoot Billy Bob!

OK, so this is a pretty sweet toy, but sadly, by the time you get back to the hole, the fish will probably be long gone – having taken your bait with them – but the idea is interesting…  Bobby Joe thinks that “maybe with some of that there technological expertise we could rig it up to do all the fishing for us and then we could just get completely drunk and then pick up our fish to bring home for the old lady to clean and cook”  …  oh, wait…  i think you can already do that at a grocery store…  but this is still worth it, just to have the freedom to do other redneck things while we wait for the fish to bite…  I know, let’s go cow tipping!  Seriously, it’s so cold out that even if one woke up and kicked you, all the Busch beer you drank to stay warm would make you too numb to feel it!  Yeeehaw!


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