I WANT:Vehicular Missile defense systems

Image comes in the brocher with a “dont let this be you” tag

Ever wanted your own personal missile defense system for your monstrous family vehicle? Well not you can! so long as your family is the military and your vehicle a tank of some sort. This little system is like a mini sam destroyer! The Trophy active protection system gives a 360° protection grid that can scan incoming projectile threats and neutralize them before they get close enough to do any damage. supposedly it has an incredible success rate and a low soldier injury rate and bakes cookies and sings you to sleep. it’s just an all round mommy machine. I already used my contacts in the military R&D to get one. That’ll keep all you birds from shitting on my car! Might even program it for babies and small animals while im at it, must keep my beautiful car protected. THOSE DOORS ARE DENTED I WANTED THEM TO BE FANCY!

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