Idiots:Nokia workers walk out to show disapproval for merger

Earlier this morning Nokia announced its partnership with Microsoft in the mobile market to help alleviate their rapidly depreciating market share. The employees however do not seem pleased about the merger, as many of the workers walked out/took time off of work today to protest it. There were as many as a thousand workers that all disagreeing at once, that’s more collective productivity than they have had in the past 4 years. The thought behind the reasoning for this mass migration from their desks is that over 1500 workers are in the sole development for Symbian software (which will be mostly opted out for windows software). Now its true that when we, as humans, get into groups our level of thinking increases and we become more efficient. But in my experience once that number grows beyond a small group to a horde the efficiency of hive thinking just isn’t there and we just follow the stupid in sync. Look at it this way, these workers were upset that the merger (which was announced, not just rumors) would eventually lead to mass layoffs in their community. So the best way they could think of to display their emotions on the subject was to not work. They are worried about getting canned, so they leave work. I don’t see which part of this is gonna make the boards turn things around, especially since earlier this week Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop’s company memo (leaked to us of course) explaining just how dire things are at the company and why they need this partnership. I don’t know, im thinking this one borderline idiot-moronship.


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