These 90's looking glasses are in fact cutting edge optical correction. They have a microprocessor and everything! Seriously tho they work by manipulating liquid crystals in the lens to refract the light passing thru at different a potency simulating the use for bi-focals . So they are very similar to regular glasses except they come with a charger and bragging rights. Ok ok they actually arent, the battery kickin on the whole crystal stimulation (heheheh) thingy is actually switched by you touching the sides of the glasses. So you can use the full view of your glasses without that annoying little line/magnification until you actually need it. They come in 36 different frames, so you dont have to have those terrible ones up there. Also I remember back when this tech was finishing its R&D run, and back then the “prescription” could be altered by how much current flowed thru the crystals, so you could actually re-tune your classes if necessary(instead of getting a new pair). I doubt they kept this feature in tho, there’s more money in you getting new ones every time. Its the same reason I give my dogs fake treats, so Ican eat the real ones myself OMNOMNOMNOM


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