Will you just shut up

I just finished reading (pronounced:skimming) this article from an MIT student Paul Woods about the second most boring subject I’ve ever read. The first was my roommates bathroom reader,he thought you were supposed to write what you thought about on the shitter and it was just 800 pages of mind numbing incomplete thoughts. Paul’s article was about him deciding to change from pencils to pens and how its effected his life so far, go ahead try to guess (hint: not much). This wasn’t  some metaphorical literature to show the fundamental differences in political parties or a well place allusion to the tablet computers new jump from novelty to anchor in the tech world (more so consumption-wise rather than creation anyway). No this was literally an article about changing from pencils to pens(with a slight detour three-quarters of the way thru about being a perfectionist). The funny part is it’s about three times longer than this post. But dont take all this as if it was a bad article, quite the opposite actually. Mr Woods’ wording and analogies were quite fun to read (if your smart) and blah blah blah you get it. Read it by clicking the link and be at MIT {literary} level smarts.


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