IPhone goes splody in someones mit

This here’s a picture of an IPhone that supposedly heated up and burnt someone (and a table). Now as much as I would love for this to be true, Ihighly doubt it is. Lets face it, how many times over the past few years has someone said “I got the [insert hot gizmo here] because it was supposed to be really cool and then when I was trying to use it it[insert some outlandish self-destruction here]. I cant Believe it” and how many times has that been complete bullshit? So my guess here is the guys wife dropped it and he made some elaborate story in order to get a new one free (since you cant insure those things) and he blew it up way to much. So now he’s got press and he’ll look like an ass when he’s exposed. But who knows maybe its real, wouldn’t be the first time an Apple phone caught something on fire. Hit the jump for a horrendous video the “victim” put together, complete with a painful soundtrack


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