Out of Ink…or is it?

Most of us know the crippling frustration that comes with an empty ink cartridge. No mater how cool or multi-functional your printer is, one thing it cant do is materialise ink on the paper. Ink is so goddamn expensive that we here at the office just throw away our printer and buy a new one when it runs out. If your lucky you’ll get a cartridge for like 30 bucks, and hopefully you can get that in without breaking it. I’ve got something even more infuriating for you, how would you feel if you were replacing “empty” cartridges that weren’t actually empty? What if I told you the Ink cartridges have a kill switch in them that makes them kaput after a predetermined amount of time? Your back? good, Yeah I punched my monitor too when I first read that. Luckily enough it seems you can bypass the kill switch by pulling one or the pins out. So when those divorce lawyers show up to your door and you hand them a stack of papers you just printed out to prove her abusive nature, but instead they get something that looks like someone smudged them with their ass, you’ll know who to blame. HP and Lexmark was the answer…not me


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