Nvidia announced there new mobile processors today in Barcelona(which sounds like a place for the thirsty/ those under the employ of the codex). the new sets are quad-, yep 4, core processors and are friggin awesome and cool. They have named this new chip “Kal-El” because they discovered its technology in an alien vessel wearing a spandex suit and cape. To confirm the link between the chips name and the comic book legend, the company has plans to release future chips with other super-names:

“Kal-El is just the beginning, too. Nvidia unveiled an ambitious roadmap with chips called “Wayne,” “Logan” and “Stark” that will offer close to 100 times the processing power of current Tegra 2-based  by 2014. That lends a new meaning to “hero product.”

100 times faster!?!?!? thats gotta be at least 400% more! Although we probably shouldn’t expect to see it till about a year after that, since phone vendors are only now getting to the Tegra 2 chip. The phone manufacturer are apparently on the same schedule as my mortgage plan(Ie:late).



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