Augmented Positioning System

There’s soon to be a cool new app navigation for Android. It will don the well winded name of “Route 66 maps + Navigation” and doesnt have a release date or pricing yet. I’ll be one of the first to admit there is absolutely no need for a friggin GPS app you pay for when you get one for free, but there’s a special feature on this that has swayed me the other direction (kinda like Leonardo DiCaprio). Theres a Feature called “follow me” that uses a built-in camera to augment streaming video of the road to have a vehicle you can follow on it. This has two positive points to it, first off your eyes can still see the road if you go to look at the GPS, and second its much more natural feeling to follow another vehicle than it is to listen to the  incessant babbling of orders (I drown them out, just like my Girlfriend). hit the jump to watch a shitty video about it were the guy smiles waaay too much (i think he picked up the street crosser if you know what i mean).


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