Everything that just ran thru your head was forty times cooler than this is in real life. That’s probably because its in the tiny little baby stage right now. An anti-laser is exactly as it sounds, it does the opposite of a laser. Instead of emitting a precise beam of light it absorbs light with the same precision. It works by you reading the quote that follows:

“A laser works by passing light through a material that amplifies it; rubies were used for the earliest ones, but modern lasers most commonly use the compound gallium arsenide. In a laser, light bounces back and forth between two mirrors, each time passing through the amplifying material (known among laser cognoscenti as the “gain medium”). Because the light is of a specific wavelength, it creates a feedback that increasingly gains in intensity.

In a typical light source, say, an everyday GE bulb, atoms radiate independently and create light of many different wavelengths; the light goes in all directions as a result. In lasers, though, atoms radiate at the same frequency and in the same direction, creating a concentrated beam of a single wavelength.

Any dark material can absorb light ā€” a car’s black interior on a summer day, for instance ā€” but to absorb near 100 percent of the light of a laser beam requires a bit more precision. The difference in the anti-laser is that instead of using an amplifying material, it uses one that absorbs it ā€” or a “loss medium.” After his research team did the math, Stone said, they decided that silicon was the best choice.

The anti-laser is set up to split a single laser beam into two and direct the two beams to head toward each other, meeting at the paper-thin silicon wafer. The light’s waves are precisely tuned to interlock with each other and become trapped. They then dissipate into heat.”

Now that was a whole shit ton of words, that I know you didn’t read, so I’m gonna go ahead and sum up. A normal laser passes light thru an amplifying material and makes them all radiate at the same wavelength in the same direction. An anti-laser passes light thru an impeding material to break up the wavelengths and redistribute them in the form of dissipating heat. Unfortunately this is way to young to see its potential (but so was Jessica Alba at one point), so I cant give you any precise uses as they have kinda just pulled the medical/computer/networking things. I’ll let you know if i find out.

Theres a huge article on the [Courant] if your interested in more details.

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