No PS4 in the works

If you’re an avid PlayStation fan, AS YOU SHOULD BE!, you better get ready for a long wait before Sony’s next big Flagship.

“Every year, we reveal and release new features, That’s why, we’re not deliberating on a PS4 or a next generation machine, whatever you call it.”

That was Sony Computer Entertainment President and Group CEO Kazuo Hirai in response to an inquiry on when a new PlayStation home console would be available. Sony thinks it can push the system even more and continue to deliver quality until about 2015. Thats a fuck lot of time to wait For us hardcore gamers. It makes sense fiscally as the gaming industry makes all of its money in the games not the systems, much how like Apple rapes you on the official accessories and app profit percentages. So the longer they get you to purchase for this system the more profit they make. The only downside (for them) is that if Microsoft releases a next-gen well before Sony does it will dominate the market share and leave Sony in the dust, as all gamers are hungry for the next level(even if they have to switch companies to do it). But i doubt they dont have a failsafe plan in reserve for just that occasion, like my emergency “make it look like I wasnt staring at her boobs while my girlfriend is looking eyescratch.


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