VZdubs IPhone speeds half that of AT&T

Ookla (speedtest.net) has an app out for the iphone that runs a speed test, whoda thunk? However this has proven exceedingly useful with the release of the Verizon IPhone, as the app not only shows you the data results but also uploads them to Ookla. We’ve always known that Verizon customers would suffer from a speed loss over AT&T, but they were expecting the difference to be minimal and the Legacy’s coverage to draw in all the mindless drones wonderful customers. The Tests results however show a VZW IPhone downloading at half the speeds of the AT&T version.

“The AT&T iPhone user experience offers an average download speed of 1,769 Kbps and an average upload speed of 730 Kbps. Verizon Wireless iPhone users on the other hand saw an average download speed of only 848 Kbps and average upload speed of 506 Kbps. While upload speeds are closer together, AT&T’s download speed was double that of Verizon. The data set for the results included 43,000 AT&T and 14,000 Verizon Wireless iPhones across the country. Over 106,000 tests were run on the AT&T iPhone compared to 49,000 tests conducted on the Verizon iPhone, indicating that most users ran the test more than once.”

Yep so there’s yet another reason not to get the Verizon IPhone. Do you people get it yet? NO I didn’t mean get the phone, PUT IT DOWN! Dont get an IPhone ever, there is that simple enough for you?


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