How to restore deleted overwritten files on memorystick

When you save changes to a file, you overwrite the data previously stored on the file. Sometimes we get into a huge heap of trouble when we do this, like say when you accidentally save over your wedding picture with a short soft porn movie called “Chastity”. Well luckily for you if this was on a memory stick you may be in the clear. There are a few programs you can DL for free that can restore removed data from such a drive. Heres a quick and easy how to for you to follow:


  1. Restore overwritten files using a freeware program, such as EASEUS, Smart Recovery 4.5 or FileRestorePlus. Download the program and save it on your computer’s desktop; double-click the program’s icon to launch it.
  2. Insert your memory stick into the computer’s USB port. Choose the memory stick from the file recovery program’s drive selection dialog box as the drive to be scanned.
  3. Wait for the program to scan through the memory stick for deleted, formatted and overwritten files. The program will generate a list of files it finds.
  4. Select the overwritten files you want to retrieve and click on the “Restore” tab. The files will be returned to the memory stick.
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