Little girl named “Facebook”

I wasn’t really all that interested in this but I’ve been told to write about it by a higher power(read:boss) so here goes. An Egyptian man, Jamal Ibrahim, Named his new born daughter “Facebook”. I just found out that this decision wasn’t made because he is legally retarded as I had initially imagined, but was because he wanted to pay respects to the organization the helped start the anti-government protest that the country had been going thru over the past couple weeks. I’m going to believe it was for publicity, but i would still like to note that choosing a child’s name under such a pretense is so far beyond moronic that I feel even more stupid having mentioned it(thought I was gonna say stupider, didnt ya). I’m sure little Facebook will personally thank him for ruining her social life(terrible irony that is) by screwing anything on the planet with a pulse. Good job Jamal, email me with your address in 18 years.

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