Workday recovery kit

This is a product from a fellow cool shit blogging site. I don’t even know whats in it, the sole purpose why i decided to post about it was to insinuate what should be in it…but I can’t wait that long so I’ll just say it: booze. Yep there’s nothing that cant recover you from a long day of having the pitboss scream at you like a good ol’ shot of bourbon. Had a pressing day at the office?: swig of vodka. That nasty Armani wearing Neanderthal pressing you for those accounts to be settled?: chug that rum. Your stupid asshole editor pushing you to keep writing all the time even tho you’re the only one doing it and he doesn’t know a damn thing about the job and probably couldn’t make the funny if his crotch ate his head?: bottoms up that antifreeze.


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