Moto Xoom flashless?

Alright, one of the biggest boom sticks that Andriod lovers (pronounced Apple haters) have to tear down the IPad/IPhone is that IOS refuses Flash and Android makes sweet sweet love to it. Well the highly anticipated Motorola Xoom, current holder of the frequently passed “IPad killer” title, has a big set back coming. With all its beautiful Honeycomb (Android 3.0) sleekness and its dual-core, 1gb ram power….it will still be shipping without Flash support. This new little killjoy has spread like wildfire/herpes on the Android message boards and has all the geeks rallying with burning thumb drives in hand ready to protest the late release of the Adobe support software. How late will it be? Well it wont be available until “spring 2011” while the Xoom launches on Feb. 24th! Hey wait, that’s only like a couple of weeks…damn I think can wait a little bit while i get used to it…or just wait the few weeks till i purchase the Xoom. Either or will do i suppose. But i’d rather have a full laptop than a tablet anyway, Tablets are for consumer consumption, not creation and I’m a creater! I MAKE COMEDY ON THE INTERNETZ!

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