Turn your Xbox 360 into a arcade controller

{Sorry about all the downtime guys, I accidentally burnt the building down after I threw a full bottle of Svedka into a TV…I was aiming for Kindergardencop’s head so he would stop peaking over my cubicle. I’ll try to make it up to you tomorrow by starting to post a whole hour earlier. Now thats commitment.)

Did your ’36 give you the red ring of death (the new ones still do it BTW the warning just isn’t a ring anymore). Well get the ultimate revenge on the white washed paperweight, turn it int a PS3 controller. Yep some Miller guy did construction, or magik its hard to tell from here, on his POS Xbox to turn it into an arcade styled controller for the PS3. he has a whole crap bunch of pictures and junk showing how he did it. I think he just super glued a couple of amputated joystick limbs on a FED-Ex box and called it a day tho. like when I sold a bottle of “aged brandy” that was really just grape juice mixed with water I left in a work boot over night.


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