3D Glasses Set Your Eyes On Fire!!!

Ok so I finally got a little bit of ME time in the other day, Seeing as how Catastrofuck supposedly *wink *wink* quit drinking. Although since his announcement of self detoxification, I will admit the office seems a little less bizarre. I Finally decided to catch up with technology and give 3d Vision on my home PC a go. My first thoughts “this is great” fallout and call of duty in 3D!!! um yeah… well after about 5 Hardcore hours of name taking and ass raping, I started to get a headache. “Damn wheres the effin Tylonal!” After medicating my migraine I came to the amazingly brilliant conclusion that the headache was caused from eye strain. So on that note I decided to do a little bit of research on 3D vision and if it can actually be harmful to your eyes and I found this!

While 3d vision seems to effect everyone differently, I think im going to give it a break for now. The good ol “don’t sit too close to the tv, it’ll make you blind” don’t seem to be all that much of a false statement anymore lol. Once everyone’s retinas are done bursting into flames, and tech researchers actually give the full 100% ok! that playing video games or watching movies in 3d won’t make me wind up like stevie wonder, then i’ll prob give it another go. Until then I think Hi Def is all I need.

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