Wtf is a Genpet???

Heard about this weird, creepy, I don’t even know wtf to call it a while back and figured I would see what others peoples views were on… well this? Apparently this thing is not a toy or a droid of any sort, but a bio engineered pet. They come packaged in a little plastic incubator type pod that has a life monitor, feeding tube, collar, etc. That’s right! They’re ALIVE!!! Freaked out yet???

With seven different  personalities and three different sets of lifespans to choose from, you’ll have this skinned rat looking thing eating your children in no time. Not quite sure how to go about purchasing one of these possible threats to human existence, but i have posted a link to the site below. I don’t know about this one guys. Bio engineered? I think a cat or a dog would serve the average pet lover just fine.


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One thought on “Wtf is a Genpet???

  1. When this next generation grows up to be emotionally numb, serial killing freakshows I think we know what to blame.

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