He’s Back! And It’s About Time!

I don’t know about you but, I loved the duke nukem series! From dukes 2d side scroll adventures to his 3d wise ass predecessors, dukes finally making a comeback like 12 freakin years later! I’ve got a link to the trailer posted below so be sure to check it out. I mean nowadays there isn’t too much that hasn’t already been done. Everything’s remakes, repacks, remasters, blah blah blah etc. But this is one (gonna be honest) I can’t wait for. Remember those days of walking in on a an alien taking a dump and blowing his “bottom beating scum sucking allergy eating” face to mush. Or Handing the strippers money so u can see they’re  pixelated booby tassels (spank spank*) Oh yeah!

Duke Nukem’s new kick ass adventure is set to hit stores May 3rd 2011. So until then checkout the trailer, checkout the site, and wait patiently like good little Cherubs.

[Get Some!]

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