Myspace for sale!

Old and failing social networking site MySpace is up for sale. News Corp, the not so proud owners of MySpace, are in the process of selling off the site with help from bank Allen & Co. MySpace has been struggling for quite some time now and even laid off just about half of its workers recently. I went over to MySpace to check out the kind of changes they have made since focusing on entertainment media and it is surprisingly well done. The face lift however came far to late for this digital relic of a social site as Facebook has completely blanked them out from the current scene( I don’t know a single stalker still on MySpace). I kinda feel bad for them, they could have been something even more, but ended up on the same path of AOL when they couldn’t land any initiatives. Guess I’ll be seeing all those execs in all my favorite bars getting plastered and tipping the waitress with their vast wealt…..h…..*zips on french maid out fit* How may I serve you?


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