Theres a new record holder in the laser category, a 500KV deathmachine of an FEL that can burn thru 20ft of steel per second.

“To create incredible power requires incredible energy. After all, the more power one puts into a laser accelerator, the more powerful and precise the light beam that comes out on the other end. During a private tour of the Jefferson Lab in Newport News, VA., on Friday, saw scientists blast unprecedented levels of power into a prototype accelerator, producing a supercharged electron beam that can burn through 20 feet of steel per second.

Scientists there, in coordination with the Office of Naval Research (ONR), injected a sustained 500 kilovolts (KV) of juice into a prototype accelerator where the existing limit had been 320 kV — a world’s record, the scientists explained.”


I want it mounted to the hood of my car right now! No better yet shrunken down and place inside my watch so I can GoldenEye my ass thru any lock, such as a locker room full of womens(or if i mess up it better be like a Mantown locker room with a saloon and Clint Eastwood threatening to break up a fight between Chuck Norris and Steven Segal). What will this tech be used for? Basically a far more advanced version of that missile shield fo battle ships, or so they say. I have a suspicion its all so they can laze my bedroom wall when im pretending to make the sex so my roommate thinks I’m cool.


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