Thunderbolt! *kkkcckk kkcckckckzck*

Intel has a wet dream for anyone who thinks USB is too slow (ie: everyone) and its name is Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt is what we tech geeks began to follow as “LightPeak” which, aside from being a cooler name, was as usual an idealistic representation. Not that the new tech is slow, oh no far from it! It clocks in at a 10 gigabit/second speed. Now before you go and get all excited and blow your pants off in ecstasy re-read that, its gigabits. What that means is speeds from 400 to 700 megabytes per second transfers, which is still fast to a Marvel comic caliber(but don’t fret if that’s too slow for you, Intel says that this fiber optic wonder could potentially be able to support 20Gb/s up and down speeds…commence fapping). This connection can be implemented on all types of drives as well as monitors, however it’s “not meant as a replacement for USB3.0″…”more as a complementary technology”. MY question is “why”? its faster than USB 3.0(in maximum testing circumstances), so why not try to implement it all the way around. It would be like owning pure silver bullets but shooting the Werewolf with the silver alloy ones you got last year. I am psyched to see where this tech goes, especially once the full optic of LightPeak legend comes out(the current still runs thru copper).


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