How to: Put fake BSOD to ward of unwanted users

Do you hate the kids always asking to use your computer? Tired of the husband going on to litter the drive with viruses and making you delete everything? Sick of the wife deleting all of your porn? Well heres a little neat trick someone mentioned to me once Make it so that it boots to the dreaded blue screen of death to trick them into thinking they broke the computer. Now its not real so you don’t have to worry about it actually crashing your computer…i dont think…but it is pretty nifty to simply say “damn it, I’ll fix it later” to someone instead of the hour long argument why you dont want said person on there.


  1. from Microsofts website and save it to your computer
  2. Right-click on and select “Extract all.” Save it to your computer(WinRAR is my fav program for this).
  3. Double-click on “SysInternalsBluescreen.scr” and follow the instructions to allow the program to run.
  4. Right-click on “SysInternalsBluescreen.scr” and click “Copy.
  5. 5Open the “Start” menu and click on “Programs.” Click on “Startup.” Right-click on “Startup,” or near the items that appear below it, and click “Paste”.
  6. Click on the right-pointing triangle in the lower-right corner of the “Start” menu and select “Restart.”
  7. Log in if necessary.
  8. Tap the space bar on your keyboard two times to clear the BSOD.
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