OG Monopoly game sold for £90,000

The oldest known surviving Monopoly board was sold at auction for just over £90,000 (roughly a crap load of money). The game was made on an oil cloth back in 1933 and was one of 5000 produce. You’ll notice it’s round, unless your blind and are somehow still reading this blog. The original Game (based off of Atlantic city as it were) was in fact a round game board and none of the real estate had prices on the board, aside from that it does seem identical to the 275 million of the boards we have come to know and love(read:hate).  The actual original game was called “the landlords game” and was created by Lizzie Magie in 1904, But then Charles Darrow went all American dream on it (stole the idea and changed it subtly) and sold it off to Parker Bros. in 1934, becoming very wealthy in his own right. If you want to know more there is an absurdly long article about the famously long game after the link.


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