UK scientists have developed a way to make your MPG skyrocket with a new synthetic fuel. Now it’s not a new fuel element, its Hydrogen, but the delivery method is where they have truly shined. See H-based fuel is great it trumps normal Petrol by 300%, but in order to store it you have to compress it into a tank and basically babysit a rather volatile bomb. These scientist however have found away to trap the hydrogen in a tiny little polymer micro-bead so it can be poured (and more particularly pumped) like any normal liquid. Better yet the early signs show that this should be able to be used in any normal gasoline engine, so no modifications are necessary, you can just go straight to synthfuel and save some earth (and more importantly money). Still not convinced? you to much of a hardcore “go Green” type fart-sniffer recycler? Okay how about it produces ZERO EMISSIONS. BOOM. sold!

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