Laptops getting sweet networking

*pic of different model Killer unit*

If you’re a PC gamer you probably know of Bigfoot networking technologies. They have sold their killer” line of network accessories for quite some time now and they boast serious performance:

“Among the techniques Bigfoot employs are special optimizations that let Killer Wireless-N adapters adapt to data as it flows from different applications;Advanced Stream Detect technology, which classifies and prioritizes latency-sensitive network traffic; and Bigfoot’s Visual Bandwidth Control, which lets users view and control network traffic for each application in real time. Bigfoot has also implemented additional advanced wireless technologies including Low-Density Parity Check, Transit Beamforming, and Maximum Likelihood.”

I copy and pasted that cuz it was too much to write. Who do you think I am Kal-El? Im all alone today give me a break. Anywho, the new network cards (Killer Wireless N 1102 and 1103) are toting specs of 300mbs for the MIMO2 and 450mbs for the MIMO3. Also noteworthy is that the Killer lone runs on both 2.4ghz and 5ghz. So yeah nice. The 1102 will be around $40 to add to a system (can’t be purchased separate for the laptop) and the 1103 will have a price released shortly.


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  1. Hi Guy, this good blogs, thanks

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