food printer

Yes, this is exactly as cool as it sounds. In an attempt to solve the age-old problem of “I suck at making food” MIT has started creating a Food Printer called the Cornucopia. The Cornucopia is a 3D printer that prints edible food. Dont know what a 3D printer is? BOOM Wiki. Am I good or what? The food printer will be like if the replicators on Star Trek ran off of a 56k connection.

The Cornucopia personal food factory is essentially just a 3D printer that uses cartridges of food instead of cartridges of plastic or whatever. So like, if you feel like an apple, you just put an apple cartridge in, run the apple program, and wait while printer extrudes an apple shape. Heating and cooling elements in the print heads do all of the cooking for you, and by combining different cartridges in a single dish you can potentially create some truly horrific meals.

I wonder if I could make a solidified beer…or gelatin, like a bee bar! It’s a lemon square with booze! awesomesauce. So what do you think of the food printer?


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