NGP no PS3

Sony’s successor to their portable gaming throne, the NGP, has had quite the hype surrounding it. The peak of this mountain of rumors was a viral infection of a quote stating that the NGP would have PS3’s graphics stuffed into a small tight little body. But as I previously predicted, It’s not really true. The NGP will have a Quad core processor (fapfapfap) but it wont be at full speed because that would make the handheld go all splody in you palms. “totally worth it” yeah I know but Sony is all pissy about the hordes of handless lawsuits and wont release it as such. Still gonna be a kick ass system and a definite buy for anyone wanting to rock a seriously powerful handheld. Now I love my PSP (hacked to oblivion) its been with me thru some serious shit, but I’ll drop it in a second to upgrade to a quad-core. *more fapage*


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