I’m a pretty smart dude(not a word out of you), not  brilliant but smart. That sad im like a retarded baby when it comes to quantumanything. The most i know about quantum anything is that if you alter some proton in some way its identical other will also change even if they are separated by mile, it was called quantum teleporting I think {EDIT: confusing info found here}. But anyway Some professor and some graduate from MIT are proposing a new version of shit I don’t understand and if things go as planed could be a jump in the Quantum-computing field. Below I’ve place a two paragraph quote , the first explains (quickly) the proposition and the second explains why it will be super difficult. It much like you seedy late night drives into downtown where you first convo is the proposition from the hooker and things are nice. But the second is how she was an undercover cop and things will be difficult for your weak, fragile body in jail.

Aaronson and Arkhipov will propose a variation on a 1987 experiment conducted at the University of Rochester. It relied on a beam splitter, which splits an incoming light beam into two beams traveling in different directions: If two identical photons reached the splitter simultaneously, they will both assume that they traveled the same path rather than different ones. Over enough runs of a test using a sufficient number of photon detectors, it may be possible to predict the photons’ path.
According to an MIT press release, however, there are numerous challenges to overcome. “Calculating…the likelihood of photons striking a given combination of detectors…is a hard problem. The researchers’ experiment doesn’t solve it outright, but every successful execution of the experiment does take a sample from the solution set. One of the key findings in Aaronson and Arkhipov’s paper is that, not only is calculating the distribution a hard problem, but so is simulating the sampling of it. For an experiment with more than, say, 100 photons, it would probably be beyond the computational capacity of all the computers in the world.”

So like I said I understand none of this, all I can say is they should have borrowed the computer Cable brought me from the future if they wanted the tech so bad. Also who’s got bail money?

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