Clock made completely out of Legos

*Video after the jump so you can see its innards*

We are all adults here (in terms of physical degradation for a minimum of 18 years) but if there is one thing we all like, its Legos. Legos not only bring back child hood memories of the joys we had how stupidly easy it was to please us. Any time we see Legos used in a fashion apart from the normal sticking them together to make a bigger Lego we are pretty amazed. This one stands out pretty bluntly tho, it’s a pendulum clock completely made out of Legos(I was gonna say there’s K-nex in there, but whatever). Even the mechanics of the clock is all in the little plastic building blocks of awe. I’m greatly impressed, and you should be too. I mean lets face it the last thing you built out of Legos was a robot with down’s syndrome. Unless your that guy that sent me the picture for a post. in which case you have way too much free time and I can’t see how a Lego gimp-suit could even be pleasurable.


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