Resident Evil case mod

Normally I wouldn’t dare to bother you with an unfinished project, but this one was so detailed in coolness that I had to show you. This is a PC case mod for modder(that word friggin kills me inside) Ron L. Christainson, and he’s been working on it for over a year now and still has some time to go. The shear detail in this thing sets you off, from the faded industrial paint haloed in led light to the defining lines on the airlock keypad or barrel. This is a big mod, which brings up a big question. This isn’t for an existing computer is it? cuz by the time your done yours will be obsolete. any way check out the other pictures after the jump sponsored by Umbrella corp. I cant wait to see this bad boy when it’s all done, it may even hold a candle to my case mod- a functional full scale replica of the Ironman suit complete with JARVIS(the movie one, not the comic’s butler guy). Whats that JARVIS? no, no need for the shovel tonight…I scored a real date!

theres also a huge collection of step by step pictures and vids at the buld site: [Casemod]

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