Invisible art(sort of)

I don’t know if your aware but that digital camera you have on your phone(or any digital camera with a view screen) can see infrared light coming from the source. Go ahead take your phone and place your TV remote towards the camera, now press the button and you will see that Little ball light up. Okay now that that lesson is out-of-the-way, this here is infrared art. It works by having the transmitter hidden behind a canvas and doing their invisible thing with you none the wiser till you show up with a camera and look thru the viewer. Then all the light sources get picked up and a picture its to be seen. This doesn’t have to stop with solid pictures either, it would work just fine with sequencials (so long as your screen has a good enough refresh rate). Im gonna put a shit bunch on my pant leg to make it look like my dong goes down to my knee….it’s funny cuz it’s ridiculously opposite to real life where it goes backwards.

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