How lonely do you have to be? human-phone


NO! absolutely not, that is just far to disturbing. That creepy  Casper looking shit up there, That’s a phone. Apparently people are so god damn lonely in Japan that they need to make their phones look like people so they can feel like it’s a physical social interaction. I don’t like robots looking like people in any way, none of the outcomes end up like Bi-centennial man and all of them end up like Terminator. Creepiest part of this little test-tube telephone it how it “rings”. You put the Ghost in your pocket(apparently they have huge pockets in Japan) and when someone calls IT F”N TICKLES YOU! Can you frigging imagine that? something groping you like you’re a choir boy whenever someone calls. Then once you have composed yourself you have to talk to this thing face to face, where you’ll be to busy hoping and praying it doesn’t bite your face off to pay attention to the other persons conversation. No thanks Japan.


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