Of course, cuz hes poor….Lucas gives release date of 3D Star Wars

Yep it was only a matter of time before George Lucas’ fat finger got itchy for more money fueled bastardizations of his jewel of a series. Lets face it the man can’t go more than three years without re-releasing one of his goliath films in some new form or with “more than ever behind the scenes”. I need to know just how much fucking footage and data he took while making his films because I had a special collector edition of the Star Wars box set just for the first trilogy years ago and there was like 8hrs of behind the scenes, no joke. I can’t imagine how many hours they are up to now. Now Lucas intends to release all of the Star Wars episodes (in numerical order) in 3D. This is a good move because we are all apparently 8 years old and are all amazed by 3D so much we would trade in our cars if the new ones said “now in 3D” on them. I really don’t understand this wave of awe in 3D, but regardless of that it’s definitely a smart decision for Lucas. Put aside our aggravation at his constant flow of money from a few films and take a look at it this way, With every release there’s more of a chance younger generations will see the movie we all loved (even if it’s slightly different) keeping it “alive” longer. Plus ILM gets to try to invent to tech for the industry, and they are a pretty serious team in that department. any way Star Wars 3D will have its first release on February 10th 2012 with “The Phantom Menace” and then one more per year afterwards.

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