People Printer?

Remember that amazing food printer I wrote about a few days ago? well take all that awesomeness and then let creepy rape it a bit and you’ll get the people printer. Now it obviously doesn’t print people, but it does print people parts. Specifically mentioned are kidneys. It can take the cell tissue of a patient and like any other 3D printer build a real world solid object, in this case a kidney. Now the point of the donor tissue is that when that freshly constructed organ gets put into the patients body it wont be treated like a foreign entity, which means no rejection. Now there’s no need to grab your pitchfork and torches just yet, this isn’t a successful Frankenstein project, just a proposal. But It’s damn close, so I have personally sent him a letter requesting a main priority change to also include livers as mine has been screaming at me for months now.


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