Howdy everybody! sorry for my long absence, There some big things going on here and it’s creating issues with posting. So im hoping to at least get up a few really important stuff to get you thru your day. First up, aliens. Now before you go rallying like “Independence Day” or getting old people music like “Mars Attacks!” I want to stress that this is only a fossil discovery, and may not even be true extraterrestrial.It all came about when NASA astrobiologist Dr. Richard B. Hoover was examining a few meteorite fragments for a slew of different organic stuff like, like aminos and acids and garbage like that, you know sciencey shit. Then BOOM

So here’s the deal on what Dr. Hoover found. He sterilized, and then cut open a bunch of carbonaceous chondrite meteorites, which are meteorites that tend to contain lots of water and organic material like amino acids. Hoover then examined the freshly exposed insides of the meteorites with an electron microscope, and inside he found lots (lots) of what he says seem to be ‘indigenous fossils’ of bacteria. Many of the fossils were embedded directly in the rock, and the lack of nitrogen in them makes it unlikely they they came from Earth, according to Hoover. So in this case, ‘indigenous’ means that the bacteria may have arrived on Earth along with the meteorite: natively, they’d be aliens. ALIENS!

So As you can see this could be one of the most important discovery….ever. Except maybe breathing, that was pretty important. Needless to say this is being vastly contested in the world of science, as it isn’t undeniable proof, nor is it the first claim of this kind (tho it’s never been so prominent before). As of now they’re running tests with beakers and treadmills and bad 80’s music to find out whether or not its the real deal. Could be quite exciting! Maybe the will help us take down the digital overlords in the impending robot apocalypse.


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