Want a better memory? let me stick you with this T-Virus

Okay so for a while now scientist have been able to selectively erase memories thru chemical modification of specific enzymes in your brain. Well some Genius(probably literally) decided that “well if we remove the protein kinase M ζ, it fades memories….so why don’t we just add more to gain memory?”. With such a new discovery was born covered in all its paternal good and looking all alien like. The alteration could lead to us having drugs that can make us all photo-graphical in our memories like Bill Clinton. So far its only really been tested on rats and isn’t nearly ready for full-blown trials, but if the work their Mr. Scientist’s asses off it could show us being perceivably smarter sooner than we can imagine. Oh and by the by this is not a pill or anything, in order for the protein to be forced into creation it takes a genetically engineered virus to be injected (and infected) into certain parts of your brain. I don’t know about you, but anything with “genetically engineered” and “virus” in one title scares me. Kinda sounds like the T-Virus origin to me.

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