Facebook rents WB movies now.

In the most recent I don’t care news, Facebook is going to be selling 48 hour rentals of WB movies for a mere 30 Facebook credits($3). As of now they have a mind-blowing selection of just 1 film, the dark knight(hey at least it was a decent movie). This, I think, is Facebook trying to branch out too far. First off I can get a much better deal and selection in any number of places, secondly I dont want everyone to know what movies I have been watching (you KNOW thats gonna come into play) as it would be too hard to preserve my manliness explaining why I was watching “Legends of the Fall” or “the best of Amanda Bynes“. I am really shocked that Facebook is trying to pull this off, in fact only comes second to finding out that Facebook has its own friggin currency. But hey what do I know, I can barely keep any of you entertained for more than 5 minutes, maybe it will succeed and I’ll perfect my dark magik powers to use on miss Bynes to sleep with me…..shit i said that outloud, shit I typed what I said outloud, fuck I posted it….


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3 thoughts on “Facebook rents WB movies now.

  1. uuuhh, Amanda Bynes…shame on you 🙂 but this sounds just insane, is it really true??

  2. oh yes it’s true. thats what happens when your an “overnight success”, you think you can do big in anything. That is of course if you were referring to the Facebook thing. If it was the Amanda Bynes things….then also yes 😉 hahahah

    • well, yes, I think that I meant both things LOL. but would never ever buy/rent via Facebook. Think I would end up with same problem as you, why should people see how much I watch Disney movies… it aint right…

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