Satanically powered Graphics card

The fast declination (damn that sounds good) of ATI hasn’t held back its long time comrade AMD, probably because AMD sleeps with the enemy now (Intel). The latest release from AMD is a powehouse dual-GPU set up for all to worship in a gasping awe. Let me shoot off some specs for you: compute power of 5.1 teraflops, a core clock speed of 830 MHz, 3,072 stream processors, 192 texture units, 64 ROPs, and 4GB of GDDR5 frame buffer running a long a 5-Gbps, 256-bit memory path, oh and it can run 5 monitors at once(get that nice panoramic IMAX feeling). Oh thats at normal output, you get a bit more if you switch on the built-in over-clocking. Not this card’s output isn’t the only things thats big about it. The size of it is a whopping 12.5 inches, so you aren’t gonna fit this in anything less than a full tower with two open ports. It also takes big power, 350 watts (415 over-clocked) to run this during average play, hell it takes 37 watts just to sit idle. It’s also got a big price, $700. With all the large qualities of this card, you have to be pretty serious about getting it. But being a dual-GPU card has its bonus, namely that this is the fastest card out there. This is a card for the elite, most hardcore gamers in need of serious graphic resources. So needless to say I need it for my…simulation…games.
goto [PCmag] for a thourough review and benchmark testing(lots and lots of numbers)

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