Russian cop kissing


This is a video (posted after the jump) of a bunch of Ruskie ladies kissing other Ruskie cop ladies in order to strike out against the unfair treatment of gays. Does anyone else find it incredibly stupid that sexually assaulting an officer of the law as a gay person is supposed to ease up the grudge Russian police have against gays. Yeah, I would have to go ahead and say they are legally retarded. I was vastly disappointed in this video tho, because no one of the officers plants the iron hand of the Russian law into anyone of the assaulter’s faces. I mean Im expecting at least 50% of them to be drunk enough to start crackin skulls for touching all up on their shit, I know I’d be. A nice billy bat to the teeth would keep them from kissing anymore of your comrades.  On a side note tho, there are some real hotties in the Police there, Im gonna charter a plane and get arrested a fast as possible

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