E-silk can make gadgets flexible

You know silk? YOU DONT KNOW JACK ABOUT SILK! Turns out certain kinds of silk can be spun into a membrane that can support thin transistors and such.

The liquid silk, which comes from worms like the ones above, is spun into a membrane that can hold thin transistors and other bendable parts. Since the membranes allow electronic currents to pass through them, they can aid in the speed and performance of transistors within the device. The price for flexible technology? Just $0.03 per unit. Researchers from the university are already talking to manufacturers in the hopes of getting this material into the market.

All this doesn’t really mean much right now, but it could be a viable option for future technologies. Coupling it with flexible batteries and you could have an entire bendy-gadget. so like, my camcorder could easily push thru the vents in the girls locker room. just saying.


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