Swedes make postage stamp obsolete

Our modern digitally ruled world makes being a tangible object quite a hassle. Companies don’t want to pay to make you when they can just copy a series of 1’s and 0’s. Well the Postal services has been in that predicament for years. First off E-mail cut a major blow to the postal industry, so as a reduced breed it naturally needs to make cuts and save money wherever possible. Postage stamps are one of the areas it suffers. Stamps aren’t just pieces of paper, they are federally regulated postal currency (like a postage credit). Paper and printing isn’t cheap. Sweden has put a new option into play, The text message. You text the post office, pay a fee and they send you back a serial number that you then write on the envelope and acts as your paid postage. This is brilliant except for the fact you’re gonna need something or  more likely someone to read and cross check all the serial numbers to ensure they are legit. But who am I to speak against them, statistically speaking they have a higher IQ than the average American.


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2 thoughts on “Swedes make postage stamp obsolete

  1. I am swedish and I like the idea but as a stamp collector I truly think it’s a shit idea as well… damn, being in two minds again… gonna be interesting to see if this works though…

    • i think its definitely a forward step, but something has to be changed to make it a bit more seamless and efficient. I hadn’t thought of the incredible hit the collecting community would take, thanks for the eye opener.

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