Bill gates no longer richest man in the world!

All of your jealousy fueled hatred and prayers against towards Mr. Bill Gates (of Microsoft fame for those of you who have been dead for the past 30 years) has finally been answered, he has lost his title as the worlds richest man. Down to $49 billion from his staggering $80 billion, he slips into second place as while Carlos slim, dubbed only as “mexican tycoon”(which is awesome in its own respect) takes his number one spot. I doubt the there will be many piñatas or mariachi bands tho, as Mr. Slim didn’t earn his way past Billiam Gates. “Then how did Bill Gates fall? is he dead?”, I shall tell you. Bill “big money” Gates gave it away. I’ll wait 30 seconds for your astonishment to pass…………..yep he gave $28 billion (thats a B) of his and his wife’s personal wealth to help the needy. the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation funds fights against hunger, improving education, and curing illnesses(aids,TB, malaria) and was started to show rich people that they should give up large amounts of their money for the less fortunate(not just the amount that tax kickbacks are to their benefit). I’d say $28,000,000,000.00 is a pretty big example to set, and an extremely commendable one at that. There now dont you feel like the worlds biggest asshole for wishing the worst on him in jealousy? no? Well then I should probably tell you that he has numerous times publicly voiced his contentment at being the “worlds richest man”. So to rephrase that for the Anti-Gates “not only am I wealthier than whatever shitty country you call home, but I don’t even care that I am”. Now that’s a nerd.


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2 thoughts on “Bill gates no longer richest man in the world!

  1. just brilliant, I do like the guy but mainly because he actually do give his money away, it’s a great achievement to also make other rich bastards do the same thing. Go Bill… just waiting for my cheque to come from him but no sign of it yet.. hmmm… has he forgot about me, a poor unfortunate soul… 🙂

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