household 3D printers

Now I have told you of a food printer and a people printer based on the principles of the 3D printer, but I haven’t really had any news to share on the “grassroots” device until now. See the 3D printer has been around for a while now, but they are (like any new technology) to complex, cumbersome and costly for your average consumer, nor is the tech nearly perfected. But the fundamentals have been firm for a while: Get building compound, laser print that shit layer by layer until you have a tangible object, then enjoy. Well supposedly there is a new type of powdered nylon compound that once lazed (hahahah) and hardened is as strong as steel and as light as, well nylon. The process should see consumer 3D printer within a decade and will have you purchasing a licensing fee and print your own product at home. Certainly will save you those embarrassing trips to certain mature themed stores….you know the ones with the people I beep and wave at when I drive by.


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