Old dusty first print D&D(nerd kind) up for sale

That up there is one of the first Dungeons & Dragons games ever created (within the first printing of 1000) and is up for sale on ebay with about 2hrs left to bid. That mean hurry up geeks or your gonna miss out on a relic. Legend has it that Gary Gygax himself (along with his few friends) made these original sets in his (moms)basement, which is incidentally the place the game would keep him and all his followers for the remainder of their lives.

also the bid page on[ebay] (has a slew of pics…the detailed up close kind)

UPDATE: Congrats to The_Loremaster for the winning bid at a mere$3,008.28 USD

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2 thoughts on “Old dusty first print D&D(nerd kind) up for sale

  1. OMG! Geek-orgasm here… *shiver me timbers*

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