Kansas loves fetishes

My pal Rincewind over at Erotixx ran a particularly amusing post yesterday, and i had to share it with you”

Wow, I’m happy to see that the election campaign has apparently started in the states now, but what makes me more happy is that Bob Schumm from Kansas here is enjoying fetishes/latex and sexy red dresses at least according to comments that has arrived on my blog on Amazing Latex dresses and Sexy red dress. I think Bob might have thing for dresses but hey, I don’t judge. Go Bob!

This is what I received, not the best comment in the world but still I do love getting comments.
Donate. To help elect Bob to the Lawrence City Commission, please mail checks to: In order to comply with Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission requirements, please include your occupation and industry on the memo line of the check. Contributions are limited to $500 per election. Bob Schumm for City Commission. P.O. Box 1312. Lawrence, KS. 66044.

btw, of course I don’t belive Bob here knows about these spam mails being sent out so if Bob reads this, don’t worry, don’t think it will ever make the headline as a scandal but might end you up with some new voters from the spanking/bondage/latex community :)


I really enjoyed it, In fact it was just about the highlight of my day. Enjoy and go leave a comment!

Original [Erotixx] page

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2 thoughts on “Kansas loves fetishes

  1. thanks dude, I do still giggle over this one myself and am still waiting for a response from Bob Schumm… 🙂

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