Sony triumphs over LG in Europe wars

LG  had put a hold (via court order)on the shipment of Sony’s PS3 systems in Europe stating that Sony had infringed upon the patent rights of LG. 300,000 units were held by customs and had caused some serious dread for both Sony and PlayStation consumers.  There are stories with more details all over the internet if you need to now what patents or what LG execs had for lunch when they decided to go after Sony, but in general all of that is irrelevant to my story. Im here to give you the outcome, that is the best part after all. LG has lost the case, the seized units have been released and LG was ordered to pay €130,000 in court fees(a number which will be increased by a €200,000 per day fine if it doesn’t pay promptly). I bet LG isnt too happy about that and is probably seriously regretting opening up this can of worms.


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